7 October 2019

What does GREAT Architecture Look like?

This is a summary of the talk by James Birnie given at SC London 2019.

“What is an architecture?” and “What is an architect?” are the main questions around which James’ talk resolved.

  • The decision about which database to choose for a company was relevant in the old days. Since ‘cloud’ it’s not anymore. Teams need to be able to decide themselves which DB fits their needs.
  • Custom Frameworks are often introduced because of a lack of trust. That’s not the right solution and will not necessarily lead do less bugs / releases.

We can use metrics to determine how good our architecture actually is. He referred to ‘Accelerate’ (the science of devops, book), which describes the following metrics:

  • Lead time
  • Deployment frequency
  • Mean time to restore
  • Change fail percentage

James Birnie presenting What does GREAT Architecture Look like