This is a summary of the talk by Alberto Brandolini.

“We’re all developers, but we’re not doing the same job. The line connecting a problem to its solution is relatively straight in some organizations and incredibly convoluted in others.”

Alberto talked about company culture. How important it is and how we can influence it.

Alberto Brandolini on stage

“Design choices define interactions that shape the culture.”

As an example Alberto used how purchasing a ticket works on a bus in Bologna and a tram in Amsterdam. And how they encourage respectful behaviour (either buying or not buying a ticket).

He also referred to Daniel H. Pink who wrote a book about what drives us. It comes down to autonomy, mastery and purpose.

Feedback loops are an important aspect of the purpose part. The feedback from our end-users is what drives us. So one important aspect is that we need to stay long enough on a project or company to actually see the impact of what we’re building.