5 October 2019

BDD in Action: Testing Modern Web Applications at Scale

This is a summary of the talk by John Smart given at SC London 2019.

Screenplay pattern

John gave us a nice introduction of how we can test web applications using the Screenplay Pattern. He was using Cucumber, Serenity JS and was creating his own Domain Specific Language (DSL) along the way. The implementation of the DSL was implemented later on.

Key takeaways

  • Use the Screenplay Pattern instead of the PageObjects pattern. Because we don’t want to model the application but it’s behaviour.
  • We’d like to discover what to program before we start to actually program the implementation. That’s why we’re exploring by creating our own DSL. This is something tipically done when doing Behaviour Driven Development (BDD).
  • Serenity has it’s own language. Eg. ‘Cast’, theActorCalled’ and ‘theActorInTheSpotlight’.

John Smart talking about BDD in Action using Serenity