4 October 2019

Aligning Product and Software Design

This is a summary of the talk by Sandro Mancuso given at SC London 2019.

Ideation phase

As software developers, we should be involved with a product starting from the ideation phase. This way we can consciously design the software step-by-step. The design can then be aligned with how the business wants to work.

Sandro Mancuso talking about Aligning Product and Software Design

Key takeaways

  • It’s better to work on products instead of projects. With projects, the focus is too much on making the next deadline. Not enough on delivering the next Minimum Viable Increment (MVI) and a more meaningful product as outcome.
  • An MVI allows the team to include increased stability, security etc. as the next deliverable. That’s more difficult when working on a project basis.
  • There’s many phases in product design. The same accounts for software design.
  • The first phase is the ideation phase. Immediately after we should research te technical feasibility. What are the risks, etc.? Too often this step is being skipped and the developers get an ordered backlog served which we should complete as fast as possible.
  • The Value Proposition Canvas can help developers to get a clear view on the business requirements and vision.