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The many elements of Software Development

Elements7 is a young company built around a team of software engineers who care deeply about their craft. As a company, we differentiate by a focus on quality, experience, and competence.

The company name refers to the seventh element of the periodic table – nitrogen - which is the main component of air. In our context, we speak about Cloud instead of air. Just like air, Element7 is a mixture of things. Cloud is one focus, but craftsmanship, passion and motivation are equally important in our philosophy and vision.

Flexibility is another part of that philosophy and reflects in our work ethic. We can do fixed-priced, fixed-scope projects, go lean with a Minimum Viable Product, or only provide resources as Time & Material. As long as the same mindset is shared there’s room for cooperation. Below you can read more about the services we offer.


How can we help you!

Do you have a development team but are you looking for extra hands? Or maybe you need an additional team member with specific expertise?

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We extend your team

Do you have a development team but are you looking for extra hands? Or maybe you need an additional team member with specific expertise?

We build your product

You're full of ideas but unable to execute them? Or maybe you want to validate an idea as quick as possible? We can help by quickly building a Minimum Viable Product. Or deliver new iterations of your software in an Agile way.

We train and support

Our workshops and classes are where you do actually get feedback on your work, and improve your skillset. We provide our services at both our office as well as in-company wherever you want us to be.


What we're working on

DPG Media

DPG Media is a leading media company in Flanders that knows how to touch viewers, surfers, readers and listeners with impressive stories, lightning fast news and sparkling entertainment. The company belongs to DPG Media Group, which is active in Belgium, the Netherlands and Denmark.


VNG Realisatie

For VNG Realisatie we’re working on the implementation of NLX as part of Common Ground. Using NLX, government applications can request data from multiple sources using a single system.

No more duplication of data and complicated coupling of systems.



Soda doesn’t just monitor datasets and send meaningful alerts to the relevant teams. It identifies and prioritizes data issues that are causing your business the most damage, and walks you through a resolution workflow.


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